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Generator Power Calculators

Please note that Calculations are for guidance only All results are based on a generator producing 415v 3 phase at 50Hz with a 0.8 power factor.
  • kVA to kW Conversion

    kVA = kW
  • kW to kVA Conversion

    kW = kVA
  • kVA to Amps Conversion

    kVA = A
  • Amps to kVA Conversion

    A = kVA
  • kW to Amps Conversion

    kW = A
  • Amps to kW Conversion

    A = kW

Generator & Silent Generator Hire

At Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd, we have an exhaustive range of silent generator hire options available, nationwide. No matter the size or power of the silent generator you’re in need of, we’ll be able to supply you with the appropriate generator for hire to suit your needs. From our 10 kVA silent generator, suitable for extremely ‘noise sensitive’ environments, to our 500 kVA silent generator that has a run time of 10 hours at 100% load. As experts in silent generator hire, we can advise and support you in choosing the ideal generator for your project and environment, whether you’re running tower lights or any other heavy-duty equipment in need of power.

Silent Generator Accessories for Hire

We also supply, as part of our silent generator hire service, distribution boards for your project, cables, and cable ramps. You can be sure that, with Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd, you’ll be able to hire all of the necessary equipment and tools to ensure that your project runs smoothly and efficiently. We place the greatest importance on maintaining all of our equipment for hire, meaning your hired silent generator will arrive on site with you in top running condition.